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10 Ways To Grow Long Hair Without Protective Styles

Photo Credit: Instagram/naturalneiicey By now I am sure you have heard a thousand times over about the benefits of protective styling. Sometimes you just want your hair to be free! Yes, protective styles are definitely effective, but you can retain hair length with a low manipulation regimen, too. Below you will find 10 Steps for Building a Low Manipulation Hair Routine. I’m a big fan of styles with tons of volume and height, so for the most part I am a...
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Actress Sanaa Lathan Goes “Big Chop” Bald for a Netflix Movie

You ask, Sanaa Lathan bald? And the answer is… Yes, she did that! The “Big Chop” that is. And she looks beautiful! Known for passionate romantic dramas such as “The Best Man” and “Love & Basketball” actress Sanaa Lathan decides to dramatically commit to her next role. Hopefully this shaved haircut will be inspiring to many black women out there on the edge of deciding to do the “big chop” as well. She has been cast as the lead actress in the ne...
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